On a large walnut table measuring almost three metres in length, you will find pineapple, orange and apple juices and fresh milk supplied from the surrounding region. The salted assortment includes two types of cold meats, fontina cheese from Val d’Ayas, Tomme de Gressoney cheese, cheese spread and ham paté. A terracotta artist created a special bowl depicting a cow and containing various butter types.

A selection of classical fruit or diet yoghurts as well as local white yoghurt (a gourmet’s treat), perhaps paired with soft plums or an assortment of three types of cereals. An old copper pan is used to carry a selection of green, black or white teas, or miscellaneously flavoured teas. Beside, china cups with typical mountain patters are used to contain Nesquik and local honey for the gourmets. In addition to white/brown sugar and sweeteners, we also included a selection of fine Stevia crystals (magic 0-calorie leaflets).


The bread corner has a rich selection of loaves, 5-cereal rolls, sliced wholemeal bread and the typical black bread with raisins, walnuts and honey. To complete the assortment of the most typical products of the territory, we added grissini prepared by a renowned local baker, placed in a heart-shaped wicker basket.




On a genuine cabinet maker’s table you will find ordinary and wholemeal toasted bread and a rich selection of croissants: classical beurre croissants, apricot jam croissants, mini pain au chocolat and wholemeal mini-croissants placed in round wicker baskets.

Two small glass domes contain typical biscuits produced by a local pastry shop (named tegole and torcetti).

How about the jams? We recently added jam (produced for more than 120 years in accordance with tradition) from the world renown UK brand Wilkin & Sons ltd., which was awarded a Royal Warrant back in 1911. Local products also find their way onto the menu, with a great jam produced by a local factory.

A funny copper pan with a lid is used to contain world-famous hazelnut cream Nutella, as a mouth-watering option for our guests.

A long hardwood sideboard with chiselled wings in modern style is used to carry various types of biscuits, pastries and cakes. These will change every day, except for the ever-present apply and yoghurt cakes.

There is also a Gluten Free corner for people intolerant to gluten, multicoloured fruits and an apple puree.

Finally a new vegan line has been added to meet all tastes and health requirements.

Breakfast will be served in a new hall with beige tones. The products of our buffet are also available for breakfast in your room.

If any of the above listed products is missing during your breakfast, feel free to ask our staff, Lisa, Chiara and Jenny, who will be more than happy to make your breakfast experience special and help you in the best possible way!